Our Chefs: Jennifer Perillo's [Dinner] Recipe for Success

Jennie Perillo is the Dinnerly meal kit recipe developer responsible for some of our best-loved dishes. We asked her about all things Dinnerly. Here's what she said.

Notes from the test kitchen

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Google says just 42% of Americans have a passport. We get it, traveling is hard. That’s why we bring international recipes to your kitchen. We pulled together a few of our favorites. Behold: Dinner(ly) recipes from around the world!

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It’s too darn hot! No really, it’s crazy hot out, which is why you need these cool summer recipes in your life. They’re no-oven dinners—read: cooking without an oven—that come together fast. Yep, they’re legit genius.

Why Do We Have Favorite Foods?

Everyone’s got a favorite summer food. Why? Because of memories; things like your dad at the grill and running for the ice cream truck like a snow cone-crazed lunatic. Here are our staff's favorites. What are yours?

The Little Market

Are you a food-lover? A fan of fun recipes, fresh ingredients, and flavors that go beyond the everyday? You’re in luck, because we’ve got all this and more.

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Take-Out Take Down: Dinnerly Does Dinner Differently

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